Firefox Bookmarks Exploration

Whether clicking an icon or hitting “ctrl+d” on your keyboard, bookmarking websites have become super easy to do. The problem is going through them afterwards.

As it currently stands, bookmarks tend to be displayed in a highly dense, single lined list which can be overwhelming at times. There has to be a better way to view them.

With my concepts, I look at two directions, one that tweaks the current implementation and another that drastically changes it.


To make the bookmarks menu more functional, I decided to surface the “search bar” and added a “drop down filter” to help sort large collections. I also increased the icon size for the actual bookmarks to create a better information hierarchy.


Drawing inspiration from the browser start page, I took a look at using a thumbnail grid to give users a more visual approach at finding their bookmarks. The thumbnails were made of a screen cap based on their last visit.

This concept also included the search functionality along with a “view filter” that allowed users to alternate between different grid layouts.