Mozilla – V3 Art Direction

March 8, 2016By Hung NguyenDesign

Firefox OS was being updated to version 3.0 so we were given the opportunity to explore a new visual direction. The conceptualization phase revolved around selecting a handful of elements to define the UI. The following 3 directions are my favourites from the exercise. They were all designed around a unique theme for each approach. … Read More

Mozilla Connected Device Logo

February 26, 2016By Hung NguyenDesign

Before I left Mozilla, I was asked to create a logo for the Connected Devices Org. The “CD” are tied together by the flames of the fox which pays homage to Firefox OS. Additional Concepts Here are some of my other concepts that didn’t get chosen.

Shibuya Colours

April 16, 2016By Hung NguyenDesign

After viewing the awesome work of Liam Wong, I was inspired to use one of my photos from a recent trip to Japan in the same manner. My take wasn’t as “Blade Runner” as I would have liked it but I was overall happy with the end result. It was definitely a fun break to design … Read More

Firefox – Bookmarks

February 8, 2017By Hung NguyenDesign

Whether clicking an icon or hitting “ctrl+d” on your keyboard, bookmarking websites have become super easy to do. The problem is going through them afterwards. As it currently stands, bookmarks tend to be displayed in a highly dense, single lined list which can be overwhelming at times. There has to be a better way to … Read More